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About Us

What is Baraboo Supper Club?

Step into the timeless charm of supper club culture at Baraboo Supper Club, where an evening of delicious food, classic cocktails and warm hospitality greet you at the door. From the storied photos adorning our walls, to the lively bar pouring Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioneds and boozy ice cream drinks, we’re here to create memories that linger long after the meal is finished.

Come along as we write the next chapter in the book of iconic supper clubs at Baraboo Supper Club, where traditions begin and good times never end.

History and Revival of the Classic Supper Club

Welcome, fellow food enthusiasts and social butterflies! Take a seat at the table as we dish about the rich history of Wisconsin supper club culture. Curious about what exactly a supper club is? You're in luck.   READ MORE

The Team

Brad Severeid, Sous Chef, Baraboo Supper Club
Shawn McKenzie, Restaurant Manager, Baraboo Supper Club

Brad Severeid

With a culinary background spanning to his teenage years, Boise native Brad Severeid has honed his expertise in the art of food and its power to unite people. From his humble beginnings as a dishwasher at Kopper Kitchen, Brad’s passion for cooking grew, leading him to various culinary roles and into well-known kitchens across Boise.  

After graduating with a culinary degree from Boise State University, Chef Severeid has worked in restaurants such as Sockeye Grill and Brewery, Casa del Matador in Meridian and Challis Roadhouse as executive chef.  

Chef Severeid’s philosophy goes far beyond cooking; he sees food as a way to connect people, foster relationships and nourish both body and soul. To him, food is our common ground and our universal language that binds us all.  

Shawn McKenzie

Shawn McKenzie’s journey into hospitality began as a bag boy at his local grocery store, which ignited a passion for service that has defined his career ever since. With nearly three decades of experience in Boise, Shawn has cultivated his expertise in restaurant management serving in managerial roles at Old Chicago, Fork and Bittercreek.  

Now, as the general manager of Baraboo Supper Club, Shawn oversees the restaurant’s operations and ensures guests indulge in unforgettable dining experiences. From the moment diners walk through the door until their final bite, Shawn hopes that every aspect of their visit exceeds expectations. With an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Shawn leads the team to make Baraboo Supper Club a destination where every meal is treated as a special occasion.  

Reno Rodriguez, Executive Chef, Baraboo Supper Club

Reno Rodriguez

Chef Reno Rodriguez brings a wealth of expertise and over a decade of hospitality experience to Hotel Renegade. His journey in the culinary world is a testament to his passion for crafting exceptional dining experiences.  


After receiving a degree from the California School of Culinary Arts Le Cordon Bleu Program, Chef Rodriguez’s talents led him to kitchens in Spain and to the mentorship of acclaimed Chef Roy Yamaguchi, where he refined his craft. With a background in innovation and creativity, Chef Rodriguez has made his mark at renowned establishments throughout the United States, including hotels in Hawaii and the iconic MGM Grand and Bellagio Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada before his time as executive chef of Anthony’s Boise.  

Now at Hotel Renegade, Chef Rodriguez oversees all culinary operations for Baraboo Supper Club, The Highlander Rooftop Bar, in-room dining and private events, ensuring that every aspect of the dining experience exceeds expectations. Chef Rodruguez’s passion lies in creating lasting memories for guests through culinary excellence. His goal is to leave guests with a taste in their mouth that makes them want to come back to try something new or to repeat an amazing experience they had before. 

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